The Hardest Challenges

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The Hardest Challenges

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:19 pm

1. Sakupen wave by ]NightSlap]    (Hacked)
(Records Above 10% count)
-100% by NightSlap Proof:
-25% by MrSyrup. Proof:
2. Killbot by NightSlap
(Records Above 50% count)
-100% by Nightslap Proof:
-74% by MrSyrup Proof:
-66% by Cycless Proof:
-64% by usualcheif12 Old Version Proof:
3. TetriX by ]NightSlap]
(Records Above 30% count)
-100% by MrSyrup Proof:
-100% by NightSlap Proof:
4. Straight Fly By [CrepeneGD]
(Records Above 30% count)
-100% by NightSlap Proof:
-100% by Syrup Proof:
5. UsualCheif Challenge by [UsualCheif12]
(Records Above 15% count)
-100% by Usualcheif12 Proof:
-100% by Draconic Proof:
-100% by CrepeneGD Proof:
-18% by Syrup Proof:


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